J. Starkey-Saylor



“My personal love for fictional mysteries is what motivates me to write them. It’s a way to expand the horizons in my mind. Even though the characters and circumstances are fictional, they were born and based on real people and experiences in my life. Mysteries are a good way to tell about experiences in life, without having to be tied to factual truth.

I try to write in good taste without blood and guts or sex and drunks. My stories are aimed at young adults or even older children that can read well enough to understand what they read. Reading these stories is as close as you can come to knowing these characters and going to these places, without actually doing so in person.

I wrote the first books as a series that I call, “The People of the Red Rocks”.  The characters age through the series and their thinking process matures, with the guidance of their Uncle Max and their dog, Star. Uncle Max and Star are the only constants in these stories.

I call my new series: “Alaska’s Myths and Legends”. The first book in this series is titled: “Alaska’s Mysterious Hairy Man”. My hope is that I can give you a different perspective on life in Alaska and possibly how the perception of some of the myths and legends can differ when it’s turned into a story with a real life of its own.

Many of these myths and legends were written to teach the young people to be very careful of the unknown things. It seems that too many human reactions to anything strange is to kill it or at least trap it. Perhaps they can be seen differently and thereby treated with respect like all things should be.

The stories, (books), should be read in order of their publication. That will make them easier to follow as some of the characters are carried forward into the following book(‘s). It’s really about an adventure that takes books to tell the whole story. I like to think of each book as a chapter in the lives of the main characters.

I sometimes go a little afield in order to add some suspense or explain some things in simple terms. It’s a way to introduce some spiritual thoughts and considerations without preaching. I hope you truly enjoy each chapter and can relate to much of what happens in each situation.”

J. Starkey-Saylor