An early prevue of the characters in our next book

Mar 19, 2021

We wrote about the unknowns of strange and mysterious things in this world,  There is good in all things,it just requires some adjustments in our perception.
All groups of things can be made of smaller family units, like The Family.  They are spiritual and physical healers and are in tune with their surroundings.
Velicity is a gatherer of natural herbs and has a voice that is sweet and soft.  Her voice sounds like a song when she speaks.
Thomasina is much the same as Velicity and has some very mysterious ways. They both can just show up and then disappear instantly.
Franceina fits right into The Family and has her own way of doing things.
Lucinda is The Family elder and is the go between The Family and others around them.  She is an amazing lady in her own right.
Rachel is the granddaughter of Lucinda and is the youngest member of The Family.  A person that doesn't necessarily believe in the ways of The Family.
Phyllis is Lakota from South Dakota that ends up living at the Native retirement home with Lucinda and Silas. She is an adopted member of The Family.
Jasmine is George's girlfriend, an avid quilter and a jack of all trades.  She is a recent adopted member of The Family.
Ian and Cody are brothers also from the Lakota Nation.  Cody lives in Seldovia and Ian came from South Dakota to spend the summer with Cody. Their grandpa is a Native shaman and spiritual healer in the Lakota Nation with a spiritual connection to The  Family, so the boys have some understanding of the mysterious world around them.  The boys are both adopted members of The Family.
Silas is a 90+ year old Native elder that grew up in the abandoned village of Portlock.  He and Lucinda are a couple that seems to attract mysterious happenings to themselves.  He really likes his beer and being away from The Home as much as possible.  He is an adopted member of The Family.
George is a charter fisherman and the skipper of his own boat.  He and the boys, Ian and Cody become very good friends and spend a lot of time fishing together.  George became an adopted member of The Family after he got involved with Ian and Cody.
Dr. Elk Horn has the local Native health clinic in Seldovia and takes care of the health needs of the village as well as the folks living in the retirement home. He is a modern doctor but understands natural and spiritual medicine.  He served in VietNam during the war and helps keep Lucinda and Silas' secrets.  He is also an adopted member of The Family.
So, with that, we welcome you to the world of legends and myths.