Big Hello from the Far North

May 19, 2021

Our snow is completely gone and the grass is beginning to green up.  The crocus and the daffodils are beginning to break through the thawing ground.  The outside temperatures are finally above freezing, we've even had a couple of days over 60; spring has finally arrived in the Far North.
The second book in our myths and legends series is a take off of a Tlinket legend about a good sea monster 'Gunakadeot', who if treated well will bring good fortune but if treated badly, it's not so nice.
Chuck is busy gathering research material for his 'Hollow Log' book.  He has started his book a couple of times but some unforeseen happenings always seem to rear their head.  Hopefully this time he can make it happen.
This last week two of our children and their spouses were visiting here from Washington State, so not much writing got done.  We ran around a lot, worked puzzles, and talked into the wee hours of the morning, and helped clean out our gardens.  We did however take a trip over to Seldovia where our hairy man story is based. While we were there, we asked numerous people if they knew anything about the hairy man, and to my surprise all of them but one had never heard of the hairy creature.
With the nicer weather and a garden to plant as well as more visitors, we won't have much time to write this summer.
Hope all of you had a great Mother's Day and are looking forward to Memorial Day.