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Alaska’s Myths and Legends Series

New Series

When Ian flew to Seldovia, Alaska to spend the summer with his brother Cody Bear, he didn’t know anything about the hairy man legend or the mysterious happenings around the abandoned village of Portlock.  He didn’t even know Portlock existed. 

Ian, Cody, their friends and a family of healers find themselves involved with a bunch of hairy man hunters looking for their 30 minutes of fame.

People of the Red Rocks Series

Jamie Broken Wing and Charlie Two Fires, Native American art students at the University of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, decide to spend the summer painting in Sedona. Their summer turned into an entirely different adventure than they planned on. Human bones found by Jamie’s dog, Star, while they were painting on Loy Mesa, led them into incredible events of greed, art, drug dealings and murder. The bones were found in close proximity to an archaeological site and because they appeared old, Jamie and Charlie’s Uncle Max was called in as the forensic anthropologist for the Yavapai Nation. Jamie and Charlie both born to the Yavapai Nation were raised in totally different cultures; Jamie on the Umatilla Reservation and Charlie in New York City. Therefore, their perception of spiritual things was very different than that of their Uncle Max. The mysterious appearance of a Kachina throughout the summer took their adventures to a spiritual level. The difference between Tricksters and Fools became obvious.

Jamie, Charlie, and their dog, Star, accompany their Uncle Max to New York City to attend a Special Forum on Indigenous Issues being held at the United Nations. While Uncle Max and the other twenty-eight Indigenous leaders meet to discuss the destruction of Earth Mother, Charlie, with the help of his friends, shows Jamie around the ‘the city that never sleeps’. In the midst of their first city tour and as they are about to cross Forty-Second Street, police vehicles come from every direction with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. Charlie, Jamie, and Jennifer have no idea the New York Diamond Exchange has just been robbed. After the forum, Jamie, Charlie, Uncle Max, and Star drive to New Mexico to attend The San Antonio Feast Corn Dance and visit family at Taos Pueblo. Charlie wasn’t aware that his friend from New York would be found dead in the New Mexico desert. After several hair-raising events, Charlie and Jamie learn the friend was also a ‘Coincidental Thief’.

Jamie, Charlie and their dog, Star, join their Uncle Max on a trip to Homer, Alaska to attend a global warming symposium. It was a much-anticipated vacation to the ‘last frontier’ and becomes everything but a vacation. The small town of Homer lies at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. The town’s social structure is made up of fishermen, artists, tourists and unfortunately a few unscrupulous people who cause the death of the symposium organizer and the wounding of an Alaskan State trooper. There are lots of twists and a few surprises in Homer: The Disappearing Man.

Jamie, Charlie, and Star join their Uncle Max on a visit to the Umatilla Indian Reservation. They travel to Oregon to surprise Jamie’s parents on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and to attend the famous Pendleton Roundup… During their visit, they find themselves involved in poaching, murder, and rustling, as well as a three-hundred-year-old-lost treasure on the Oregon Coast. With the accidental uncovering of a drug ring just off the reservation, Jamie, and her entire family, find themselves targets of the perpetrators… Jamie’s mom and Uncle Max have a curious ability to understand and respect the ‘unexplained’ events in our world. One of these ‘unexplainable’ entities aids the FBI and the Umatilla tribal police in solving cases they find themselves working on together. Spirits and Heroes –or both? Who’s to know for sure?

Jamie and Charlie have graduated from the art program at the University of Northern Arizona. Thanks to their Uncle Max they have been hired by the Yavapai Nation as art buyers for the tribe’s art gallery and museum.  Their first buying trip is in The Pacific Northwest. They, and their dog Star, join their Uncle Max in Seattle. While their Uncle is attending the International Indigenous Conference, they try their hand at selecting Native art for their gallery.  The crew is joined by their trooper friends from Alaska, and together save a young boys life and help him and his brother. In the process, they keep hearing the Ancient spirits of the Emerald City, that lead them down new paths to mysterious cases of the past.

New friends in new places are their rewards.

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