Fall is just around he corner

Aug 6, 2021

Here it is August already.  Lately time seems to just fly by.  July was a busy month with many of our families visiting us here in Alaska; some of which we haven' seen in decades.  It was great to give hugs and tell them we love them.
Fall is coming on fast and darkness is taking more of our daylight every day.  Our garden didn't do very well due to a late, cold and wet summer.  With the help of our families, we were able to get the weeds under control so we could put down some mulch.  At least our garden finally looks like somebody cares.
Writing took a back seat to our summer activities, but our attention will now turn back to the business at hand.  Chuck is once again working on his book,The Hollow Log.  I won't be writing very much on the next book in our new series until Chuck gets farther along with his.  However, I will be doing a lot of research for sure, and blog updates will be more regular again.
We hope that fall finds all of you well and is good to you!  Look for more information to come, soon.