Greetings from the Far North

Jul 9, 2021

Our new book, “Alaska's Mysterious Man”  is finally available from Amazon: $9.99 for a paperback and $2.99 for an ebook.
Chuck is in the midst of writing his “Hollow Log'' book; the writing is coming along nicely, and hopefully it will be available before Christmas.  I have started the second book of the new series. It's about a good sea monster; a Tlinket legend.  The sea monster legend appears all along Alaska's Southwest Coast.
Currently, Chuck's family from Washington State, including his Aunt Sally, are here visiting us; three of his sisters and his aunt have not seen our Ninilchikk home.  We have been having a great time enjoying everyone's company.  Ted and Scott are replacing the floor in the entryway, a job Chuck is no longer able to do.  We sure appreciate the help!
Our weather has been iffy but it finally did stop raining, just in time for Becky to go halibut fishing.
Hope you all enjoy our ne