Happy New Year

Jan 4, 2022

Here's a toast to a fantastic 2022.  May the new year bring peace, good health, and prosperity to all of you and your families.
Once again Alaska is in a deep freeze, but fortunately we are not still living on the homestead in Healy; they have -49 and 11 feet of snow.  Our foot of snow and -2 makes it feel like we are in the tropics; actually geologic evidence says Alaska was, at one time, a lot warmer than it is now.
With the new year and lots of ideas, thanks to our friend George Davis's stories about Alaska's mysterious places and happenings, we have lots of material to draw from.  George is an accomplished bush pilot and boat captain and  has been all across Alaska numerous times and has lots of stories to tell.  So we are once again writing with gusto, well not quite gusto, but close..
We plan to change characters in each book as the mystery or legend suggests.
Our main characters will continue to be Native.