Happy sunshine

Apr 24, 2022

Spring is finally slowly creeping its way to the far north.  Some of the Kenai Peninsula is completely free of snow.  However, that's nor true where we are; we still have two+ feet of snow in our yard and garden.
Our eagles are nesting and only come by one at a time.  Our rivers are mostly open and the Hooligan (smelt) will be running soon, supplying lots of fresh morsels for the birds.  During the winter we see 70+ eagles on the way to Soldotna, now we're lucky to see one.
I'm in the process of revising my 'good sea monster' story.  I feel I introduced 'gunny' too early in the story, so I'm moving 'gunny's' appearance to later in the book.
All is well in Alaska, we hope all is well where ever you are.