Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 11, 2021

The snow continues to fall in the far north and is sometimes accompanied by freezing rain and fog.   We are happy to see the temperatures above zero and an extra five minutes of daylight each day; we've even had a few days of beautiful sunshine.
Chuck and I have been busy writing on our first book of our new series.  Our new main characters, Ian and Cody, are so entrenched in our minds that we called the neighbor boy, who keeps our deck clear of snow, Ian instead of his name Espin.
Working with our new publisher, CreateSpace, has been stressful, but we were finally able to come together and produce our Seattle book.  Now that we have a better understanding of their publishing procedures, we've decided to have them publish the series we're currently working on.
Thank you all for helping us reach our first month sales goals for our Seattle book. 
A huge thank you to our nephew Dan for helping us fix our duplicate blog problem.  We are thankful he's so intelligent and helpful.
Chuck is continuing to work on the outline or his Hollow Log book and also putting together his and his dad's poems.  I know they will be fantastic additions to our list of books.