Happy Veteran’s Day

Nov 11, 2021

All is well in the Last Frontier, the snow is lazily falling and the outside temperatures are back above 0.
In our last blog, we mentioned the prices of our first four books, published by MindStir Media, are extremely overpriced at Amazon.  Our efforts to get the prices back to where they should be hasn't happened and it looks like we have no control over the prices.  So, if you or anyone you know would like to purchase any of these four books, you may do so at Barnes & Noble and pay the correct price.  The Seattle and Hairy Man books can still be purchased through Amazon, as they are the publisher.  These two books remain at the right price.
Since our Website has not yielded the response we were hoping for, we are considering dropping the site after the completion of the existing period.  Our last blog is scheduled for January unless some magic happens.  We will continue to write even if we do not have a Website.
If anyone wishes to contact us, you can do so using our email address:  [email protected].