Happy Winter

Jan 30, 2022

Snow is again falling in the Far North.  In the last three days we've managed to accumulate one and a half feet of the white fluffy stuff.
Covid continues to rear its ugly head and the store shelves are becoming empty and causing people to panic.  We were in Walmart yesterday and noticed they had absolutely no fresh meat on the shelves.
Living on a homestead for so many years and, the fact that Alaska has more earthquakes and harsh winters than most other places, we've learned to be prepared; something I can't say for numerous other Alaskans as well as people living in the lower 48. 
We now live on a peninsula that could become an island without much effort if the right earthquake strikes, yet people here continue to shop daily for food.  When we were looking for a home here, we couldn't find any house with a pantry; maybe that's the reason people don't stock up on provisions.
Each year, as we age, winter seems to take longer to emerge into spring and the renewed life of nature that comes with warmer days and nights.  We Alaskans celebrate the winter solstice because it means the beginning of more light each day.
The characters in our new book, about a good sea monster, continue to evolve as we write the story.  Our twelve year old Tlinket boy, who is one of the main characters, learns not only how to raise salmon, but also how to live with nature and people in a sometimes difficult world.  Through the eyes of his grandpa, the sea monster, eagles and ravens, he is seeing the awesome world around him.