Happy Winter

Jan 26, 2021

First of all we would like to apologize for all the duplicate blogs.  We thought computers respond quickly, but now we know they can be slower than we anticipated.  We think we have the problem solved, as long as we remember to be patient and let the computer do its thing.
We want to thank all of you that purchased our Seattle book; we need a few more sales to reach the one month total our publisher suggested is needed in order to get better advertising  from Amazon.
Chuck and I have decided to co-author our new series 'Myths and Legends of Alaska'.  Hopefully this collaboration will add additional substance to our stories; as in our current Hairy Man story.
Our main characters are on a fishing trip; I know very little about fishing; that's where Chuck comes to the rescue.
We are in the process of extending some of the actions in our new story, and yes we are still planning to have the book completed and on the market by the end of summer. 
We just got a foot of fluffy new snow so we're curled up in front of a nice warm wood stove and writing like mad.
Thanks again for all your support.  We greatly appreciate it.