It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve

Oct 20, 2021

Here it is already mid-October.  The Cottonwood trees are once again bare with their golden brown and yellow leaves blanketing our entire yard and garden.
We still haven't planted the garlic but we haven't given up on doing so before the snow sets in. With the flu we had and the soggy days, we just haven't been able to get the tasty morsels in the ground.
Chuck still doesn't feel up to writing on his Hollow Log book, but hopefully next week he'll feel more like working on it.  I'm slowly getting back in the groove and working on my next book about a good sea monster.
If any of you or someone you know is interested in purchasing our first four books in the 'Red Rock' series, I suggest you buy them from Barnes & Noble.  For some reason Amazon has really jacked up the prices of these books.  I hope to have the problem fixed but I'm sure it will take time to do so. 
Have a great Halloween!