Looking forward to warmer weather

Apr 20, 2021

Spring is finally slowly creeping into the Far North.  The temperatures here on the Kenai Peninsula are finally above 20 degrees at night and over 40 degrees in the daytime.  The two feet of snow we still have on the ground doesn't seem so bad with the warmer temperatures and bright blue skie.
We are still in the editing process of our first book in the new series, (we still don't have a working title), about a shape shifting hairy man (bigfoot creature).  Lately we've seen several programs on television depicting the bigfoot entity as a shapeshifter from another world.  It's interesting that the scientific community is now talking about the possibility of the entity being from somewhere outside our universe.  I wonder what took them so long since UFO's have been reported as present when people have sighted bigfoot.
In our new series we intend to put a new spin on the entities that most people fear.  For some reason it's easier to be frightened of something as opposed to trying to understand all sides of the entity, what makes them what they are; even homosapins are not single sided.
In the case of the hairy man on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, the entity has been blamed for killing people as well as destroying property.  What if this entity is not responsible?  What if they just want to be left alone without somebody sticking a gun in their face?  I know we moved to Alaska more than 25 years ago to find peace and quiet by first living on a homestead in the Interior and now living on the Kenai Peninsula in a small Russian/Native fishing village.
We don't need to understand anything, we simply need to respect everything!