New Series

Nov 4, 2020

My new book series will expand on some of the Alaskan Native myths and legends, starting with the possibility of shape shifters, good and bad monsters, and the probable good of the unknown.

Human beings’ first response to something different than their perception is to kill it, as is happening with the so called ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘monster hunters’. For some reason the hunters feel they cannot study something unless it is dead. Call it a gut feeling or common sense; I don’t believe there is a threat to anyone. People seem to have an unfounded fear of the unknown. Could it be that societies used that fear as a control technique to keep the young generations in check, to keep them in the house at night or keep them from doing anything dangerous?

I will attempt to explain my thoughts in my new book series, starting with the ‘Hairy man’ (Bigfoot) who is said to inhabit a portion of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The ‘Hairy Man’s’ interaction with humans is surprising and an exciting experience. It should be a fun read. Stories are lessons and warnings in life as was a custom in most native cultures, that still exists today in modern societies.