Mar 31, 2022

Hopefully spring has sprung where you all live. In Alaska, as usual, a couple weeks ago Mother Nature burped and we got more snow.  But this week we've had warmer temperatures and  the snow is finally starting to slowly melt.
Our new book is also proceeding slowly.  However one great thing has happened; a nearby coho fish hatchery may reopen.  This will allow us to get first hand knowledge of how fish are raised and how hatcheries operate.
We do realize wild salmon that were raised by Native people a long time ago were raised totally differently than how they are today.  In our story grandpa was taught by his father so he is able to meld the old and new ways of rearing salmon.
In our continued research into sea monsters in the waters around Alaska, we have discovered sightings of sea creatures are still happening.  So our story about a good sea monster is possible.
Have a great spring; plant lots of vegetable and flower seeds.